History of Bikaner’s famous Bikaneri bhujia

This historical tale dates back almost 150 years. The legend starts with Maharaja Shri Dungar Singh of Bikaner State, who requested his talented royal chefs to create a unique and savory treat for his guests. Thus, bhujia was born.

Unbeknownst to Singh, this humble dish would one day become a beloved national treasure in India.

Word quickly spread about bhujia, and soon it became a staple in households across the state. In 1946, an ambitious local named Ganga Bishan Agarwal set up a small shop in a backstreet of Bikaner to sell this mouthwatering snack.

A decade later, Agarwal ventured out on his own and built an empire centered around delightful sweets. Curiosity led businessmen from far and wide to trace the roots of his success, leading them to discover the magic behind bhujia

Once these gate was entrance of old Bikaner and today known as Cot gate.

While many Bhujia-producing businesses today can trace their origins back to Bikaner, it’s important to note that authentic “Bikaneri” Bhujia can only be crafted within the city limits.

The Bikaneri Bhujia was officially recognized and protected by the Indian government in 2010 with a Geographical Indication tag. This means that only producers within the designated geographic area of Bikaner can use the term “Bikaneri” to label their Bhujia. It’s similar to how only one region in France is permitted to use the name Champagne for its sparkling wine. This special recognition showcases the uniqueness and quality of Bikaneri Bhujia, preserving its authentic origin.

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